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Five new Sanoasa loungers from wedi

"As you make your bed, so you must lie on it". This old saying should be given consideration when buying a wellness lounger. This is because the shape of the lying surface is decisive in order to be able to fully and truly relax.

This is something that wedi very much took to heart as manufacturer, and, as a result, commissioned its very own design department with the creation of new forms for the Sanoasa lounger series. The result has recently been presented at the aquanale trade fair in Cologne: starting immediately, five new models make up the Sanoasa lounger programme and together with the well-known rocking lounger Sanoasa 6, they provide premium-quality wellness comfort. Heating coils can also be integrated into all models at the factory on request, and provide even greater relaxation thanks to the cosy warmth.

During the development of the new loungers, the ergonomic aspects were given primary consideration, however closely followed by the stipulation to create shapes that have not been present on the market up to now.

Two examples: the "Sanoasa Lounger 1" has a floor-level and flowing look. The lounger exudes a hint of extravagance, without seeming to be too over-the-top. The slightly tilted back rest as well as by the bent sitting surface which is also kind on the knees ensure an ergonomic seating position.

The "Sanoasa Lounger 4" on the other hand stands out due to its elegance and its dynamic lines, particularly when viewed from the side. Due to its elegant design, it resembles a sun lounger of the very highest quality. Gentle relaxation on solid material, which was cut into a delicate shape from a single piece thanks to a highly developed manufacturing technology.

The Sanoasa Loungers 2, 3 and 5 round out the range with interesting design ideas: from the "wellness armchair" through to a lounger that rests on an ellipse. The rocking lounger Sanoasa 6 with its integrated electric heating as standard is still in the product range.

All Sanoasa wellness loungers are manufactured from watertight, extruded polystyrene rigid foam and can be clad with any type of material, whether that be tiles and natural stone or, as in the case of "Sanoasa Lounger 1", tailor-made ceramics from Jasba.
The surface can even be plastered.

Launch date

27 October 2009

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