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Riolito / Riofino Mini Max

The flat drain is now also available for wedi Riolito and Ri

Floor-level showers are a long-term trend. And this is something that wedi as manufacturer also confirms by continuously and very successfully expanding its system. This involves many shower elements with point drainage (Fundo Primo), through to attractive linear drainage variations (Fundo Riolito / Riofino) – all are perfectly adapted and suitable for both modern, as well as age-appropriate bathroom designs. The extremely flat drain Mini Max now supplements the offer in the area of linear drainage with its installation depth of just 97 millimetres.

Just as the name "Mini Max" suggests, wedi has also minimised the total installation depth required in its latest development. The new Mini Max for Riolito and Riofino, with the corresponding shower elements, together add up to a total installation height of only 97 millimetres and are, as a result, excellently suited to innovative renovation concepts, especially in old buildings. Because especially there, every single millimetre is important. With a draining capacity amounting to 0.4 litres a second, it meets all the requirements for a comfortable shower solution. It is of course just as easy to clean as all the other wedi drains.

The system wedi Fundo Riolito now comprises three different drainage variations, meaning that many more application and design possibilities to install floor-level showers in the course of renovation projects are opened up. In addition to the point and linear drains already mentioned, drainage via the wall is now also a possibility thanks to the new innovation from wedi: the wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto (an attachment element for Riolito).

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September 2011

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