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wedi Fundo Plano

The flattest complete system for floor-level showers is made

Floor-level showers are among the most important wishes that a customer has when renovating and modernising their bathroom. In many cases however – particularly in the case of existing buildings – the available installation height renders the realisation of these customer wishes impossible. With the latest wedi innovation, a floor-level shower can be reliably installed with a total installation height of just 65 millimetres. wedi Fundo Plano is thus the flattest complete system for floor-level showers that is currently available on the market. It allows the tradesperson to tap into the massive potential of bathroom renovations, while, at the same time, allowing the end customer to realise their dream of a barrier-free shower.

wedi Fundo Plano with its mere 65 millimetre total installation height (including drain) is a real problem-solver when renovating older buildings. Because every millimetre that can be saved counts. The clever product is also available in numerous different dimensions, such that a quick and easy solution can be provided for every installation situation.

It is delivered in an all-inclusive package which contains:

  • 65 millimetre-high floor element made from extruded polystyrene rigid foam (XPS), which has a special fibre-glass reinforced coating
  • including a horizontal drain that is installed in the factory and which can convey 30 litres per minute
  • and an exact and even surface slope, that allows even large-sized tiles to be laid easily. 

The wedi Fundo Plano can be installed quickly and easily: the floor elements can be cut exactly to size directly on the building site, laid and then the joints to the screed floor just need to be sealed using the appropriate wedi accessories. Finished!

Should height compensation be needed on site, the tried-and-tested wedi building boards can be used as propping base. The need to level using cement screed is no longer necessary.

100 per cent watertight

The new flat shower element from wedi is watertight in every possible sense of the word. This is not only because of the special coating made from fibre-glass mesh and polymer-modified mortar, but also because the XPS foam and the drain integrated in the factory are absolutely watertight in the entire system.

wedi has, as a result, reliably solved one of the biggest sticking points when working with floor-level showers – the company gives its word and warranty for this.

Integrated continuous slope

wedi Fundo Plano has an even slope of ≥ 2.4 per cent which is installed in the factory. This makes the laying of tiles, irrespective of the format, far easier and optimises the surface drainage flow. In addition, the floor-level elements are suitable for wheelchairs from a tile size of 5 x 5 centimetres without any measures being required in advance.

Launch date

September 2011

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