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Cladding for studding for toilets

New: I-Board by wedi

Light, easy and safe, this is how cladding for studding for toilets should be in the opinion of a tradesperson. Things are, however, often different in practice: it can be cumbersome to cut openings for pipes or to seal surfaces against damp and each individual lining requires its very own manufacturer-related cladding board.

The new "I-Board" from wedi will help make this a thing of the past. It can be universally used for practically every lining for wall-mounted toilets, all holes for toilet pipes and brackets are pre-drilled and thanks to its extruded polystyrene rigid foam core and its reinforced, cement coating on both sides, it is impermeable to water. Additional comprehensive sealing is no longer necessary – even in areas which are subject to intensive exposure to water, such as in swimming pools.

Lining "all wrapped up"

The "I-Board" is a 30-mm thick "wedi building board" in the dimensions 1,200 mm x 1,248 mm. The holes for the toilet pipes as well as for the brackets have been pre-drilled in the factory. On the building site, the "I-Board" can be cut to the required length and width using a Stanley knife or a handsaw, the holes for the toilet actuator plate are cut out and the "I-Board" is fixed to the lining using drywall screws and insulating board discs. The parts cut off along the width of the board are used as the side parts for the cladding. The joints and connections are sealed using either reinforcement tape or, in areas subjected to splashing water, wedi Joint Sealant.
The wedi "I-Board", just like all "wedi building boards", can then be tiled directly without any further pre-treatment being required. The toilet itself can then be mounted just 24 hours later.

Launch date

December 2009

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