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Tested and Approved: wedi Products with CE Approval and Also

Some approvals and certificates are absolutely necessary for manufacturers if they want to sell their products freely in Europe. Other classifications are currently only compulsory in certain countries, but could soon also become applicable in Germany. The former applies to the European Technical Approval of the "sealing of floors and walls in wet rooms". The latter applies to voluntary emissions classification for construction products that are not directly in contact with the air in rooms. wedi has now passed both tests. The CE marking on the approved wedi products shows that they are a tested sealing system for wet rooms. The VOC label on the other hand identifies the whole wedi product range as harmless to health (A+ / very low-emission).

The certified sealing system for wet rooms
The wedi building boards that have proven themselves for 30 years and the wedi Fundo floor-level shower elements have already been a certified sealing system for several years and also possess the general test certificate. But according to the Construction Products Directive, the usability of products that can be freely traded in Europe is to be ascertained on the basis of harmonised European standards or European Technical Approvals (ETA). The test process involved in this is extremely rigorous and took two years for wedi. At the end, the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DiBt) certified that the sealing system "wedi building board / Fundo" completely fulfils the requirements of the relevant EU directive.

The tested system "building board / Fundo" comprises the components wedi building boards, wedi Fundo floor-level shower elements, wedi sealing tapes, wedi sealing corners, wedi sealing sleeves, wedi 610 adhesive sealant and the wedi 320 thin-layer mortar necessary for the laying of the building boards and ceramics. In addition, wedi has had nine other tile adhesives from well-known manufacturers tested in combination with its system.

The manufacturer wedi points out explicitly that these are standard goods that have gone through the testing process. Not some kind of special products. "Anyone who buys wedi products can be sure that they are getting a sealing system for wet rooms with CE marking."

The emissions classification
France assumes that all construction products that are used have an influence on the health of the inhabitants. All construction products have therefore been subject to the compulsory requirement for emissions classification since 01 September. In Germany, the situation is different. Here only construction products that are directly in contact with the air in rooms are classified as regards their emissions. Nevertheless many local authorities in Germany are testing new buildings for the quality of the indoor air before acceptance and already take into account the advice of the Federal Environment Agency for schools and nurseries at the tendering stage.

wedi has voluntarily subjected its entire range of products to an emissions test. With the best classification "A+ / very low-emission", wedi is thus now the only manufacturer of building boards that can mark its entire range of products in Germany as harmless to health with the VOC label. The basis of this was the test criteria of the German Committee for the Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB).

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