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Safety with wedi quality

The extruded polystyrene hard foam and the coating which follows unite a whole host of high specification properties in one single product. Starting with moisture-protection to heat insulation and a high level of functionality as a supporting material for tiles and other coatings, wedi offers options you didn’t even know were possible! In the hand of a specialist therefore, every one of the products produced from a wedi building board is an extra - ordinary work of art whose shapes and applications appear to know no borders.

A great range of thicknesses as well as the easy and flexible processing, make the whole range of wedi building boards real all-rounders. Whether it is being used as a supporting material on a wall, to clad old sub-surfaces and pipes, as a subfloor system on the floor,

or to produce for example bathroom furniture, each shape, however sophisticated it is, can be produced individually and uniquely. Moreover, the unique surface structure not only provides the ideal adhesive substrate for laying these tiles, but also those of plaster and other materials.

Diversity of shape and technology

We can produce almost any shape and special requirement, however unusual without any adverse effect on quality. We install hot water heating systems, electrical installations and showers using all types of technology for you.

Glass elements and glass doors as well as their respective sashes are quickly available in our range.

Also when choosing your lighting (LED or halogen) and sound technology we will advise you from A to Z using our experienced specialis ts from our international partner network.