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Fundo Spiral & Round Shower Enclosures

Accents on floor-level showers

Nowadays floor-level showers have become much more than just a trend. Specifically in private bathrooms, they are being used more and more as they combine aesthetic requirements with a high level of functionality.

So, what does the shower itself look like? The Fundo design concept unites creative lines with natural forms. It still however remains just as simple and safe when used as all other wedi premium brand design elements.

wedi Fundo design showers consist of an underfloor element and the respective room dividers. They are made of the wedi building board basic material and are equipped with a flush fitted floor drain (either vertical or horizontal), an additional watertight coating and a specified slope.

This makes both the tiler’s and installation engineer’s job easy and safe at all times.

Working with wedi Fundo designer showers

Have a look at our handling videos and find out how wedi products could speed up and optimize your working process.